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eid ul fitr sms in bangla

eid ul fitr sms in bangla 2018 : Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS 2018

Eid ul fitr sms in bangla

Firstly I would like to thanks our mighty god for born me as a Muslim. Because Islam is the only and only main religion which is produced by Allah. Eid is one of the best days for all the Muslim. Then, we are wearing the new dress. We are starting this day by sending SMS to our friends. However, Eid ul Fitr SMS in Bangla is one kind of this types SMS and wishing. For this reason, Bangla language people are likes this so much. However, Bangladeshi people are like to send SMS to their close people to this day. They also like to go to the outing with their friends and family members. Before going to prayer we are eating sweet. A lot of dishes are prepared in this day. By the way, in this day our house is full from guest and relatives. We are inviting them by sending SMS. For this reason, we are trying to collect this Eid ul Fitr SMS in Bangla. If you are like to send SMS to wish your friend then I will welcome here to come here. Now no more talk. let’s see the Eid ul Fitr SMS in Bangla.

eid ul fitr sms in bangla
eid ul fitr sms in bangla

eid mubarak wishes sms in bangla

  • Tur jonne ante pari akash theke tara
    Tui bolle bachte pari oxygen chara
    Prithibi ta keo lutate pari bondhu turi paaye
    Abar tui e bol…!
    Ei bhabe kotho aar mittha bola jaay?
    “eid mubarak”
  • Nil akashe eid er chand
    Eider age chadni raat
    Eid holo khushir din
    Dawat roilo eider din
    Valo theko shimahin
    Eid-er din ta tumar hok rongin!
    ……Eid mubarak……
  • Love sms korlam send priyar number-ete
    Sms porlo giye meyer babar haate
    Kopal kharap hole bujhi koto kichue hoy
    Priyar baba mobile e dakhaye shudu voy
    Ek sms e lega gelo jilapir pach
    Taito akhon korina ar mobile-e sms
    “eid mubarak”
  • Here comes the day, once in a blue moon. With chanda mama shining up bright and blessing everyone… Its love so tender, merciful. Shining down on the earth wishing us. EID MUBARAK!
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  • Rong legeche mone modhur ei khone
    Tomay ami rangiye dibo eider ei dine
    “Subho eid mubarak”
  • Shuvecha rashi rashi
    Goru na khashi, tikkana jhal fry
    Ntv na channel I, relax na busy
    Djuce na easy, shari na shirt?
    Wishing from heart “Eid mubarak”
  • Durer manush ashuk kache
    Kacher jon o thakuk pashe
    Mon chute jak moner tane
    Noya chader agomone
    Eid katuk khusi mone.
    ***eid mubarak***

Bangla eid mubarak sms

bangla eid mubarak sms
bangla eid mubarak sms
  • Kal eid ul fitor. Sajbe tumi mehadi diye rangga be tomar
    Hat. Ai khusir somoy tuku katuk tomar baromas.
    eid Mubarak
  • Eid niye ashe anandho
    niye ashe shuker bartaa
    Eid niye ashe nirshartho valobasa
    Eid bhuliye dey shob bedona
    Esho tumi ami hariye jai
    Ei eid’er mohonai.
    “Eid mubarak”
  • When I start thinking in this day first things comes to mind that i want to say EID MUBARAK.
  • Din gelo besh, eid holo sesh
    Goru chole gelo, gosto ranna holo
    Saradin chilam busy, akhon ami easy
    Address daw taratari, kalke jabo tumar bari
  • “Eid mubarak”
    Rikto ami shikto ami
    Debar kichu nai.
    Eid mubarak dilam ami
    Grohon koro tai.
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  • Bolchi ami amar kotha,
    eide thakbe nako moner betha,
    amar jibone onek chawa,
    eid theke sob pawa,
    ai diner er proti tai etto valobasha.
    “””””EID MUBARAK””””’
  • Ei sms, jar kache jabi, jake pabi, takei amar salam dibi,
    lal golaper valobasha diye Eider dawat janabi, Ar
    Misty Kore bolbi >>>>>> ****Eid Mubarak*****<<<<<
  • Everyone will send you this message but I’m the 1st telling you Eid Mubarak!

In conclusion, I would like to thank you again for visiting our website. As you know already that our website is only for quotes. If you quote lover then keep visiting our website and sharing quotes with your friends. Finally, Eid is special for all. Because of we are MUSLIM.

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